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Try Linen

PARADISE linen nightdress

PARADISE linen nightdress

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Single piece bespoke linen nightdress.

The nightdress is such a deep intimate garment piece that it must be the one that is only made for You and nobody else!

Paradise linen nightdress has a subtle energetic message embroidered in Lithuanian: "Eilinė diena rojuje" (casual day in the paradise). Lithuanian language is considered to be the oldest surviving Indo-European language, therefore it is even more unique in such an ancient language. 

This Try Linen nightdress is a reminder that Your everyday is the in the paradise if You allow Yourself the luxury of sleeping in the highest quality and purest energy nightwear. 

Unique things that matter 

100% linen - allows your skin to breath 

Comfortable adjustable straps 

Elastic around the back to allow smooth movement

Gorgeous soft lace 

OEKO TEX 100 certified linen fabric 



The only size available is - S 

Bust size: 90-92cm (35.4-36.2 in)

Band size: 74-76cm (29.1-29.9 in)

Model height: 172cm (5.64 feet)



100% linen

    Polyester laces 


    Made in Lithuania 


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