About us

Try Linen is daughter's and mother's project. Their journey to...

They have started Try Linen as a journey to the dream come true. Actually, it turned out to be the journey to themselves.


Try Linen Monika and Reda


Together they have always dreamt of creating beautiful things for the people around the world. Through the years they have gathered the knowledge and experience. However, it was never enough to feel confident to start the business in a world of big brands.

They began the journey to find the answers. Their spiritual, soul healing journey to the roots, themselves. They have learned about the energy and the meaning of life and found the true purpose. They started appreciating themselves for who they are, for what they do and the way they think.


They found harmony between their roots and their newness. They are sharing the creation that comes from within them. Try Linen is who they are, it is who they want to be and what they want to share with YOU.


They are looking to connect with the people around the world and inspire them to  be authentic and be themselves. 


Our products are made from one of the oldest fabrics in the world that is sustainable and natural - linen! We are connecting the valuable legacy and introducing it in a new bold way. 


Our aim is to provide comfort - inner first! 


Try Linen is about trial and error and how blessed we are to experience it! 


 With love... 

Monika and Reda