Care guide

Try linen fabric
Linen has been cultivated and used as a textile for thousands of years now. Regardless of the popular misconception that it is difficult to care for, linen fabric is very user friendly. Although, if you care for the planet Earth and you want to protect it from unnecessary waste, there are few things that you need to consider.


  1. Wash separately from other fabrics (if not possible, separate by colour to avoid staining) 
  2. Use lukewarm water <40°C/104°F (high temperature causes shrinkage and may weaken the linen fiber)
  3. Use the gentle machine cycle 
  4. Use mild detergent for delicate fabrics
  5. Linen fabric gets softer with every wash, therefore we do not recommend using fabric softeners (they weaken the fibers and coat them reducing their absorbency and moisture-wicking properties) 
  6. Do not bleach


  1. Use low temperatures for machine (tumble) drying 
  2. Do not fully dry in the dryer 
  3. Remove when the item is still slightly damp and hang or lie flat to finish the process 


Linen fabric tends to wrinkle, crumple and crease. However, this is the natural beauty of it and we LOVE it! 🥰 It gives that relaxed, easy vibe! ✨

  1. Iron while the fabric is still slightly damp 
  2. Use medium heat steam setting 
  3. Press only on the reverse side 


  1. Store in a cool, dry area, avoid direct sunlight  
  2. Ensure that the products are stored in a well ventilated area