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I AM linen pyjama set

I AM linen pyjama set

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Single piece bespoke linen pyjama set of blouse and shorts.

The nightdress is such an intimate piece that must be the one that is only made for You! 

I AM linen pyjama set has a subtle energetic message embroidered on the blouse and on the shorts in Lithuanian.

The energetic power message on the blouse "Prabanga gyventi savo gyvenimą" (eng. translation: the luxury of living your own life). Beautiful energetic message on the shorts "Rengiuosi prabangą" (eng. translation: wear the luxury). 

These messages are the powerful, divine reminders that You are the Queen of Your own life and You are enjoying highest level of luxury to live it like You want. Own it! 

Lithuanian language is considered to be the oldest surviving Indo-European language, therefore it is even more unique in such an ancient language. 


Unique things that matter 

100% linen - allows your skin to breath 

Comfortable and neat shirt 

Gorgeous soft lace details

OEKO TEX 100 certified linen fabric 



The only size available is - S/M (fits size M too) 

Bust size: 90-96cm (35.4-37.8 in)

Band size: 74-80cm (29.1-31.5 in)

Model height: 172cm (5.64 feet)



100% linen

Polyester laces 


Made in Lithuania 

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