Linen handbags collection

Linen handbags collection

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We have recently released new linen handbag collection which you can check out and purchase in our shop! Today, I would like to share some styling tips for our mini linen bucket bag!

Bucket bags are versatile and functional. What is special about this mini bucket bag? It gives that pop of joyfulness to your outfit but still looks luxurious and trendy. 

Styling inspo number 1

Don't be afraid to use colours! It will not only look fabulous but also will boost your mood! Do you enjoy wearing colours or black is your go to? 
Styling inspo number 2: 
Style linen bucket bag with the season must have wide leg pants, linen bralette and cozy sweater to have Parisian inspired vibe!
Styling inspo number 3:
Street style is all about comfortable experimenting. Play with the newest trend of 90s inspired jewellery. Maybe you still have something laying around?! Match the sports and evening outfits for an easy, no effort look!
Let me know in the comments which one of these styles inspired you the most. Share your outfits! ♥️

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